An historical city.

Lisbon's streets tell its history. A mix of medieval and modern, laced with a Moorish legacy and an eduring thirst for sea exploration. A city to be explored on foot, with tram rides to brave its seven hills. You can expect July to be warm (17 to 27ºC) and sunny.

A city with its own special light.

"The first thing that hits you upon arrival is the light. Lisbon is blessed with that intense Mediterranean light that enraptured the impressionists. As so many of its buildings are of white stone, it is no surprise that Portuguese call Lisbon the "white city".
in Guardian Unlimited-48 hours in Lisbon".

A vibrant culture

The city is a heady mix of medieval and modern, old world and new, where you are as likely to hear rhythmic Angolan beats as the mournful fado, and dancing the samba is part of the experience.
in Food and Travel.
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