ICBO 2015

Ontologies are increasingly used in the semantic description of biological and medical data from creation to publication and consumption by semantically enabled applications. To be effective, such ontologies must be of high quality and work well together. Therefore, issues like techniques for ontology use, good ontology design, ontology maintenance, and ontology coordination need to be addressed. The International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO) series is designed to meet this need. ICBO 2015, the sixth event in the highly successful series, will bring together representatives of all major communities involved in ontology use and development in biomedical research, health care, and related areas.

Organizing Committee

Scientific Chairs: Francisco Couto (Lisboa, Portugal) and Janna Hastings (Cambridge, UK)

Local Chair: Catia Pesquita (Lisboa, Portugal)

Program Chair: Stefan Schulz (Graz, Austria)

Workshop and Tutorial Chair: Melanie Courtot (Vancouver, Canada) and João Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)

Proceedings and Special Issue Chair: Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann (Zurich, Switzerland)

Early Career Chair: Pierre Grenon (London, UK)

Poster and Demonstrations Chair: Matthew Horridge (Stanford, USA)

Sponsorship and Publicity: Emanuel Santos (Lisboa, Portugal) and Pedro Fernandes (Oeiras, Portugal)

Program Committee

Alan Ruttenberg (University at Buffalo, USA)
Alexander D. Diehl (The Jacobs Neurological Institute, University at Buffalo, USA)
Amanda Hicks (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA)
Anika Oellrich (Sanger Institute, UK)
Barry Smith (SUNY Buffalo, USA)
Bill Hogan (University of Florida)
Catalina Martinez-Costa (Medical University Graz, Austria)
Christophe Lambert (Montana State University, USA)
Christopher Baker (UNB Saint John, Canada)
Colin Batchelor (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK)
Cristian Cocos (Mayo Clinic, USA)
Cui Tao (SBMI, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA)
Dagobert Soergel (Department of Library and Information Studies, University at Buffalo, USA)
Daniel Schober (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany)
Despoina Magka (Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK)
Frank Loebe (University of Leipzig, Germany)
Fred Freitas (CIn-UFPE, Brazil)
Georgios Gkoutos (University of Cambridge, UK)
Gwen Frishkoff (Georgia State University, USA)
Harold Solbrig (Mayo Clinic, USA)
Heinrich Herre (Institute of Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology, University of Leipzig, Germany)
Helen Parkinson (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK)
James Malone (The European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK)
James J Cimino (National Institutes of Health, USA)
James P. McCusker, 5AM Solutions
Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis (Departamento de Informatica y Sistemas, Universidad de Murcia, Spain)
Jim Mccusker (5AM solutions, USA)
Jin-Dong Kim (Database Center for Life Science, Japan)
John Gennari (University of Washington, USA)
José Luís Oliveira (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)
Judy Blake (JAX, USA)
Laura Slaughter (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)
Lindsay Cowell (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA)
Ludger Jansen (University of Rostock, Germany)
Mário J. Silva (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
Mark Musen (Stanford University, USA)
Martin Boeker (University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany)
Mathias Brochhausen (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA)
Melissa Haendel (Oregon Health & Science University)
Michael Schroeder (TU Dresden, Germany)
Michel Dumontier (Stanford University, USA)
Nigam Shah (Stanford University, USA)
Olivier Bodenreider (US National Library of Medicine, USA)
Onard Mejino (University of Washington, USA)
Paolo Ciccarese (Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital, USA)
Pascale Gaudet (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland)
Paul Schofield (University of Cambridge, UK)
Peter Robinson (Charite Universittsmedizin Berlin, Germany)
Phillip Lord (School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK)
Robert Stevens (University of Manchester, UK)
Samuel Croset (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK)
Simon Jupp (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK)
Sivaram Arabandi (ONTOPRO, USA)
Suzanne E. Lewis (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Werner Ceusters (SUNY at Buffalo, USA)
Yongqun He (University of Michigan, USA)